• All the customers are quite important for Woiss home. We work hard to provide a worthy service and make our customers happy.
  • It is guaranteed to exchange any product within 7 days.
  • If the products are not used or harmed so that they are in the same condition as you bought, it is also possible to return and receive the refund.
  • Unless the product was not harmed or damaged, it is customer’s responsibility to pay the costs of refund and related shipment.
  • Please pay attention to pack the products with the tags when returning them. The customer is responsible for the damage caused by the mispackaging of the product.
  • The gifted products should be packed the same way as the original product. Same thing applies to gifted products, the customer is responsible for the damage caused by the mispackaging of the product.
  • It is customer’s responsibility to provide the shipment pre-paid and guaranteed in cases of return and refund.
  • Woiss home does not pay any amount of money for the products delivered without any harm or defect, neither for shipment nor for the refund.
  • Woiss home can sell the returned product at its sole discretion.
  • The customer should check all the products on the day of delivery in case of any damage or defect. You have to sign the form brought you by our colleague. Unless, the product will not be delivered, and all the costs of shipment and return will be funded by the customer.
  • If the products are not delivered with white glove service, the customer has to inform Woiss Home regarding the damage and defect of the product. Besides that, it is required to picture the damage and defect of the product while reporting it to Woiss Home.
  • If defected and damaged products are not reported in 1 day, refund and shipment fees are charged to the customer. Please don’t forget.
  • If products are ever changed after the delivery such as recoloring, polishing etc., Woiss home does not accept these products.
  • Allow a billing cycle for the refunds of damaged and defective products so that your payment is seen on your credit card statement. Wait for 5 working days if the payment was done via PayPal.  These conditions also apply to refund of defective and damaged products.